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First Turkey Bow Kill Image
Location: Northern MissouriAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Turkey

First Turkey Bow Kill

July 9, 2005 by Cesar Mendez

I had been sitting in a Double Bull Matrix For about an hour and a half when a group of toms came in to check out the decoys at 18 yards I picked the one with the better shot angle. My first turkey with a bow and my first kill with my new Switchback 21 Pounds 10 Inch Beard Thanks Mathews for going above and beyond.

05 Mathews Switchback
05 Mathews Micro-Adjust Drop Away
Mathews 2 Piece Quiver
Carbon Express Terminator Hunter Selects 6075
Cobra Sidewinder 5
Scott Little Bitty Goose

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