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Bow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First Time To Colorado

September 12, 2012 by Adam Tripp

I set out on my first trip to Colorado with my father, uncle, and cousin, this was their 10th trip out. I was beyond excited because I’m a die hard outdoorsman. We went and stayed with my cousin in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the night where we had a delicious elk tenderloin and mashed potatoes. The next morning we headed to Yampa Colorado where we unloaded the four wheelers and headed up in the rockies. I had just purchased a 2012 can am outlander 800 that I was dying to test out on some harsh trails. We finally made it to camp and got all set up. My father and I went out and I spotted my first elk ever. Two spike bulls and a cow. We watched them for 20 minutes while I was completely mesmerized by their size. After two days of going out with my dad I ventured off by myself. I found a “park” that I was very attracted to about 2 miles from camp so I headed out. I was sitting under my tree of choice when I looked to my left and saw an elk hundred yards up the hill. I pulled out my primes cow call and gave a few calls, no response. So I pulled out my Primos bullet bugle and sure enough he looked up and was a legal bull. He came trotting down the hill looking for a fight. I was so amazed how fast he got to me with those big strides. Now I’ve been hunting and shooting my bow since I was 5 years old, I was 18 when this hunt took place. I popped out from behind the tree and ranged him quickly, 50 yards. So I drew my bow, and he took a few steps towards me, i figured he must have moved on 10 yards closer. I was mistaken, i placed my 40 yard pin behind his shoulder, shot right over the top of him, clean miss. I was so confused until I remembered how big a bulls stride was, he went from 50 yards to 20 yards in just a few steps! So I took the walk of shame back to camp and told my story. The next morning, I set out determined to make up for my mistake the day before. I saw some monster mule deer but no elk. So back to camp for lunch I went. That afternoon I went to my park again. Sat patiently and then about an hour before dark a bugle a few hundred yards up the hill in the dark timber. I decided even if i could call him to me he wouldn’t make it to where was before it was to dark to shoot so I went after him, i checked the wind and got upwind of him, I bugled, he bugled, closer I crept until his bugles got louder and louder. Then I looked up to see a nice bull standing there, as soon as I saw him he put his head back and let out a bugle so loud it rang my ears, a moment I’ll never forget. I ranged him at 50 yards, standing perfectly quartering away slightly, placed my pin behind his should and sunk it in his sweet spot. I walked to where he was standing but only found a small drop of blood, and just as I looked up he stood up about 30 yards in the dark timber and tried to run but was struggling the way a whitetail would do after a heart shot. In that moment I knew he was done. I went to where we was lying and found a pool of blood. I was so grateful and happy I practically ran back to camp to tell everyone the news. The next morning we went to find him, he was only 50 yards from where I was the night before and when I got my hands on him I was the happiest person on earth, my Mathews bow did the job once again but this time on a nice 6×6 bull in the rocky mountains. This year I’m 20, I have the Mathews Chill and I’m going back to Colorado this September and can’t wait to see what I can do with my new Mathews Chill.

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