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First "Real" Kill With a Mathews Image
Location: Northern QuebecAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Caribou

First "Real" Kill With a Mathews

August 26, 2002 by Dan Fickes

I bought the Legacy in July of 2002 and headed to Quebec with it in August. On the first morning of the hunt, I had to break off from the rest of the group, for I was the only bowhunter. I made a sweet stalk on this lone bull feeding on the top of a ridge. Checking the range finder I was exactly 40 yards from this decent bull standing perfectly broadside. My Carbon Express tipped with a Thunderhead 100 found its way into the center of the heart. Since then, six Michigan bucks have been added to the Legacy list. I am so confident with my Mathews. I love it.

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