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Location: Busy "B" Ranch,Marion County, TexasAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

First Ram

April 15, 2004 by Alan Biddy

My son and I had scheduled a Ram hunt in South Texas but our plans were changed because of work. We called the Busy "B" Ranch just north of our home town and asked about a ram hunt there. We had never hunted rams before and didnt really know what to expect. My son, Reps, is an avid bow hunter. He and I hunt together all the time. He and I were in the same tree when he shot his first white tail buck and he wanted me to be with him on his first ram hunt also. Jason Bohner, the owner of the Busy "B" met us at the bunk house and we loaded up and took of for a ram. Jason asked us if we just wanted to look or hunt and I told him Reps was in the hunting mode. We started walking around the ridge of a gravel hill and then through the woods and around creek beds and saw Axis, Fallow, and White Tail deer along with several hogs but no rams. About an hour later while Reps was admiring someone great shot centering a small oak tree we saw the rams. There were 3 Corsican and 1 Texas Doll rams. Reps made his decision on a nice Corsican and set out on his stalk. About 45 minutes later I saw the rams trot off and Jason started running towards Reps. Reps had forgotten his quiver and Jason was carring his extra arrows. As were got to Reps he was very excited and asked "Did you see that?" Even though I was watching him I wasnt sure that he had shot. I asked him if he had shot and he said "OH yea, I slammed him." Thats when I saw his ram about 15 to 20 feet away. Jason congradulated Reps and told him that most people took three arrows to put a ram down. Reps told Jason that the other hunters must not shoot a Mathews. Reps is 65", approx. 250 lbs and has a draw length of 31"and shoots a Mathews Q2XL. He had sent the 125 grain 4 blade muzzy and carbon force arrow just behind the shoulder for a perfect shot. I will be going to South Texas next weekend to see if my Mathews Legacy and I can perform as well.

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