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First Mule Deer Image
Location: Sheridan, WyomingBow Model: DrenalinAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Mule Deer

First Mule Deer

September 13, 2012 by Samuel Morgenroth

After an unsuccessful bear hunting season in Wyoming, I decided to turn my focus to mule deer. My Drenalin has been with me through thick and thin, mostly the latter lately, and I felt this was my year. On September 7, I was rushing to get home after work so I could pick my friend Todd up and head out for an evening hunt. After throwing everything in my truck and picking Todd up, we were on our way. We soon arrived at our spot and started glassing for deer. There were already around thirty to forty deer in the alfalfa field eating, but the big guys were not out yet. Then, Todd turned to me and said he saw four bucks working their way down on a ridge and walking towards the field. After finding a good place to set up about thirty yards off a huge trail the deer have been using, Todd went further up another hill to the east in case they decided to go the other way. About ten minutes went by before a 3 x 3 buck started walking towards me. However, he did not come down the trail like we expected and instead came about twenty yards to my right on a much less used trail. I decided to let him go and luckily he did not wind me. Approximately after ten minutes passed, the four bucks started walking towards me in a single file line. It was incredibly neat to see. They did not come down the trail like I expected either and followed the same path as the buck earlier. To my benefit, the biggest of the bunch was leading the pack. I drew back on my Drenalin and placed my thirty yard pin behind his right shoulder. He stopped for a split second and I released my arrow. The arrow hit a little farther back than I wanted and he took off. After watching him for a couple of minutes, he scampered around three hundred yards before lying down. I kept my eyes on him for a while and then went to get Todd. We kept our binoculars on him to make sure we never lost him in case he decided to take off. He was still alive and it was getting dark. I didn’t want to push him out, so we left him for then night. After getting about five minutes of sleep, we went back out at the crack of dawn and found him lying right where we left him the night before. I have never been so excited in my life. It is the biggest deer I have ever shot and I was able to do it thanks to my Mathews Drenalin. Quite possibly the best bow ever made!

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