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First Elk Image
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First Elk

November 8, 2011 by James Darling

After 10 years of archery hunting elk during the rut, I finally took this bull in September 2011 in Idaho. It was the very first time I have had an opportunity to take an elk and I made the shot count. He walked out of the brush at 15 yards after my hunting buddy and I had been pressuring him and about 3 other bulls in the same canyon that morning. He stopped, looked right at us and gave me about 3 seconds to make the shot. As soon as I saw him coming through the brush I was at full draw and made the shot count. He ran about 60 yards and was down for good. Thank you to the Mathews team and my z7 which I have nicknamed ‘greased lightning’ for all of the great products and helping me in harvesting this amazing first bull!

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