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First Deer with My New Z9....
Location: Family Farm - West Central MissouriBow Model: Z9™Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First Deer with My New Z9….

November 15, 2013 by Scott Larimore

Thursday afternoon November 14, 2013

It got to the stand late this day around 4:00pm. This was the second buck I’d seen that night and I had only been in the stand 30 minutes. The first was a 6pt that just “appeared” under my stand 30 seconds after I got up.

In the panoramic picture below you can see a creek. This creek comes from my right (West) and turns South in front of the stand. This creates a defined pinch point right in front of my stand (that’s why I put it there). However, neither of these bucks used this pinch point, they were both down in the creek. The 6 point was down in the creek and walked off to the south. He never got out until he was about 150 yards away around the next bend.

A few minutes later a saw antlers walking through the timber south of him. He played around with the 6 point for a few minutes. Then, this 8 point jumped down in the creek and walked straight up the bottom of the creek toward me from the south. He used the exact path the 6 point used to walk away from me earlier. I later wondered if a hot doe had walked through there before I got in the stand.

Anyway, the 8 point walked up the creek and stopped directly below my stand on the creek bank nearest me. I let him walk behind a large tree while I drew my new Mathews Z9 back to full draw. He stepped out and I let go. The arrow hit high, I think because he was slightly closer then I thought. The Beaman ICS Hunter arrow with a Rocket broadhead knocked the buck off his feet onto his left side. He then rolled down the hill into the big water hole you can see in the creek. He kicked for a while, tried to get out, but eventually passed while still in the water.

We have been hunting hard for the past few weeks. My youngest son Nathan got his first deer (8pt buck) during the Youth Season and this deer was especially memorable because my oldest son Eric was up from Texas hunting with me this week. It was also great having him with me to help me get this buck out of the water and up the creek bank! Unfortunately, he must go back to Texas tomorrow.

Now, we’re going to try our luck with a rifle and some more late season archery hunting. My middle son Jonathan still has Archery and Firearms tags that need to be filled. We have lots of bucks on trail cam and there are always some new ones passing through our bottoms during the rut.

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