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Location: Pepin Wi.Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First buck shot with a bow

November 3, 2005 by Chad Olson

I harvested my first buck ever with a bow this year. It was 11-03-05 @ 7:00 am when I had a nubbin and a doe messing around under my stand. After about 15 min. of watching these two I heard something by the edge of the field were the deer had just come from. It was a nice 10 pt. that hit two scraps before coming in and standing 8 yds. slightly qt. away. I shot it through the left lung, heart, and broke its right shoulder. The rest is history.
I shot a lot of different bows before buying my Mathews this year. None compared to its smoothness, speed, and accuracy. Thanks to Wille, Montie, Jeff, and Ben for the great service setting me up with my first Mathews bow at Scheels in Eau Claire, Wi. Also, thank you Johan for letting me hunt on your land and shooting this buck on your birthday!
Thank you Mathews for making such a incredible bow!

Chad Olson
Eau Claire, Wi.

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