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Location: Leonidas, MAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First Buck Down

December 27, 2011 by Brad Dewar

This is my first year hunting. My father and little brother have been hunting a lot since i was in college. My brother shoots a Mathews so i thought i would check them out. I bought a Z7 Mathews from a local dealer in Brighton, Mi. I practiced all spring and summer. (Not to brag but i am pretty accurate lol). So as most of you know its been a horrible year (2011) for the rut not a lot of movement, so i am told. So i have been kind of bored not seeing deer all year and at this point, (Nov) i am a little crushed. I really wanted to get some food on the table. Patience is one of my strong suits as i am newly graduated Secondary Teacher from EMU. So i have been hunting the Acorns on the property we lease. Its been noisy with all the chipmunks and squirrels. So i am always on my toes. Its early in the morning around 730am and my stand doesn’t have a cushion so my butt is cold and sore. i stand up to stretch my arms and legs, as i do this i look to my right and about 50 yards away is a buck coming from the swamp. super stoked i lose sense of everything that’s about to happen because its the first buck i have seen all season. (LoL its my first season) so he’s walking right at me and hes not straying. he gets about 10 yrds from me and stops, and turns to his right and starts walking towards the field i am like no dont do that i had no shot really from my stand unless i wanted to spine him which i was told not to do. So he walks like 10 yards and turns broad side and starts walking in front of me again. so hes about 30yards away he gets to this big oak, i pull back, which is were my adrenalin tells me nope lol i am trying to pull my bow back (70lbs) which, i have done a thousand times since May but i can’t lol finally i get it back he takes about 3 more steps i Maaaaa him doesn’t stop i do it again this time really loud and he stops i can’t believe it. I put my peep 4″ back of his leg and let lose. All i see is the Lightning bolt from my Aluminock screech threw the woods Thwack. He jumps and takes off now i am a new hunter, so i am standing there with the biggest adrenalin rush i have ever had like did i hit him. I watch this deer run threw the woods to the field, i am like ok drop, drop, drop and day now. Still not dropping i watch this deer run 500 yards across the field and lose sight of him threw the trees. So i wait like 2 min i get down and go look at my arrow which is glowing like the sun. Its caked in blood so i am like well did i hit him low maybe i hit a branch and it gut shot him Hmmmmm don’t know. so i call my dad hes like sweet all excited. hes like get back in the stand and wait till your bros done. (Really) this was my first i am about to bust i want to track this deer I know i have to wait like 2 to 3 hrs to let the deer die but damn. I wanna go lol. so i get back in the stand and i kid u not another Buck walks from the direction mine went down the same path all thew to my arrow and literally stops directly over my arrow. Now i know what your thinking SHOOT!!! but hes a 4pt. So 11 am roles around 3 and half hours later my dad comes hes like lets track it. He looks at my Arrow and is like well you definitely hit it lol. Thanks CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, so we track it threw the woods very little blood my dads like your sure you hit it were you said, Yes dad. Well this blood trail isn’t looking so good. So now i am nervous did i hit him were i thought i did hmmm so we track him across the field literally inch by inch very little blood, and about 500 yards later, BUCK Down. Now if you look to my right behind the truck that’s the acorns, thats how far this deer ran. Thanks for reading my story, and thanks Mathews for an Awesome Bow Z7 don’t leave home with out it.

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