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First Buck
Location: Isanti, MinnesotaBow Model: ZXTAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First Buck

November 11, 2013 by Alvis Vang

This was my first year bowhunting ever and with my new bow, Mathews ZXT. This hunt I ended up going alone to one of my family member’s land in Isanti. Asked a few family members to join, but they all were busy. So I decided, since it was a beautiful day to do some bow hunting mine as well go even if it is by myself. I got to the stand just right before sunrise. The morning was fairly quiet. Nothing but fox squirrels running around. At about 2:30pm, I saw two does at 80+ yards. Got my hopes up a little since I saw nothing in the morning. So 30 minutes have passed and my attention was towards the fox squirrels running around again. Then for some reason I noticed that the fox squirrels had stopped and started to stare at something. As I turned to my right, there he was. His nose was down to the ground and headed towards my way. I noticed that he was moving fairly fast. I got up quietly, grabbed my bow, and found an open area ahead of him to take the shot. As he approached the spot where I wanted him, he paused. I guess luck was on my side. Already ranged it at 40 yards. Drew my bow, took aim,and released my arrow. All you hear is the buck waddling off through some brushes. He ran about 30 yards from where I shot him. He disappeared from my view, but I did hear a loud crash. At that point, I called one of my family members to meet me here and track the deer. My cousin finally arrived 45 minutes later. So I pointed out where I shot him and which direction he headed. At first there was little drops of blood. This worried me a bit, but as we walked another 10 yards there was this massive puddle of blood. So my cousin and I both stopped to see if we can see the buck. My cousin didn’t notice it, but as I looked toward my right, there he was, laying next to a small tree dead. Got a big congrats from my cousin and we both dragged it back to the vehicles, which actually took another two hours, but it was worth the work! Thanks MATHEWS!!!

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