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First Bruin
Location: Onatrio CanadaBow Model: Reezen 6.5Album: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

First Bruin

August 17, 2013 by Trevor Somers

This hunt was my 3rd attempt at shooting a black bear. I was at camp for a short 3 day hunt and we had all kinds of action in the baits…it was the first 3 days of the season in this area of Ontario and we had first crack at these bruins so our hopes were high and blood was pumping!…first nigh out a small bear about 100 lbs walked below my stand and didn’t offer a shot he woudld have walked anyways ….still very exciting to see a bear in such close quarters….
seconday day of the hunt my hunting buddie took a nice sized bear dressed out around 160 lbs. I didn’t have any action….
The 3rd and final day of my hunt started out great wind was perfect at my bait and it was ust enough to keep the bugs away. about 4 hours into the sit I heard a single twig snap to my left …a huge black shape through the brambles of needleless jack pine branches about 35 yrds away. the wind gusted and suddenly the bear spun and ran off about 20 yrds and stopped…..my heart sank in my chest I thought my chances again was over for another year. That bear ended up working his wa slowly out of sight away from me and my bait… heart breaking! About 1.5 hours later I heard another twig snap to my right side but out infront of my stand….could this be another bear!. did the bear that just winded me walk a circle around me! . No its just squirrels!!.. well another couple sticks break and then a big snap….the squirrels started going crazy I started to hear a more and more nosies that wasn’t squirrels. Now this is a bear I said… I readied my self in the stand and stood motionless waiting to see if its a world class squirrel with a 3 inch ear span or a black bear the quarry I came for!!
now I hear some heavy breathing ….this is a bear…I caught some dark figure moving through the jack pines down to the right of my bait barrel…ITS A BEAR!!!…YES!! he made his way over to the bait barrel and just before he came out into the open he stopped to sit down and have a rest…All you hunters know what buck fever is like….if your haven’t tried bear hunting…I suggest you try!!! boar fever is intense!!…so im now trembling in my stand breathing heavy and I can feel my pulse in my pinky toe and ear lobe that’s how hard my heart was pounding….the bruin finally gets up from sitting and starts to come out into the clearing where my barrels are.
I started to draw my Mathews Reezen back like I have done so many times before and im thinking to my self its just another arrow… just another arrow…. just befor the cam lumps over the bear has his nose just about to the barrel the Velcro on my release slips a little bit….the bear freezes and turns his head and looks straight at me.. …he’s 17 yrds away broadside I’m at full draw.. I can see my pins on his body but I don’t remember actually looking at my pins I was watching his head for a reaction and then the next thing I know the arrow was released and I seen the luminoc fly and disappear into his black coat in a perfect spot right behind the shoulder…the bear spun away from me and tore off back into the thick northern bush…I heard him crash around and through the bush and then he slowed down and crashed …then he got up again and continued to crash slowly and fell once more when I heard him hack or burp. then there was silence… I waited 5 mins in complete silence then I scurried down my stant and went to look for blood…instant blood trail with my arrow hanging nicely on the branches of a sapling jack pine covered in blood and a rage extreme with a bent blade….BEAR DOWN!!!
the bruin went about 90 yrds total distance in a semi circle and we found him about 45-50 yrds behind the bait barrel.. bear dressed out at 250 lbs and we figure he was in the 330 lbs range on paw…AWESOME hunt and an AWESOME feeling taking your first of the second big game species you have ever harvested with My Mathews Bow!!!!

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