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First Bow Harvest  Image
Location: Worth County, GeorgiaAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

First Bow Harvest

February 26, 2003 by Michael Lee

It was a windy afternoon in the pines of Worth County, Georgia. I, Michael Lee, was hunting a food plot next to a heavily used bedding area with my hunting partner, Matthew "Alabama Slamma" Story, perched a couple hundred yards away off of the food plot. I was hunting a stand that my dad, Mike Lee, took a doe on the previous afternoon. I knew the deer were there, but a storm front was not far from us that afternon, so we knew that they day may get cut short. I was sitting high in the shakey pine with my Mathews FX. in hand. After about 30 minutes of being in the stand, a buck walked out. He was too far for a shot and behind a big limb on the tree I was in, so I decided to video him. I watched him for ten to fifteen minutes as he got closer. I decided it was time to get ready for a shot. I let him get broad side at 35 yards and drew back. With the wind blowing, it was hard to hold steady as I released the Game Tracker Terminator arrow tipped with a Game Tracker 100 grain expandible broad head, but the shot was true. The arrow penetrated through both shoulders and was a perfect heart shot. The buck ran 60 yards and expired. All I can say is that the hunt was awsome!


Michael Lee
Valdosta, GA

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