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First Bobcat Image
Location: Sam Houston National Forest TexasBow Model: MR5Album: Shoot Like A GirlTurkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

First Bobcat

December 17, 2012 by Sherry Hott

In all my years of hunting this is only the second Bobcat I have ever seen in the wild. The first was 19 years ago and she had a kitten. This cat came along on Thanksgiving Day, she walked directly under my stand,I tried to to make the shot yet was blocked by the arms my climber, which I bumped lightly with the limb of my bow this in turn made her look up at me. I felt my chance slipping away as she turned and began to walk off down a trail that provided me with no shot, my only chance was if she turned left and walked out from under the tree limbs. She turned left providing me a shot at 10 yards. In all the years of bow hunting this was one of the most exciting. Thank you to Mathews for providing me with the perfect bow to make this shot and bring home such a beautiful creature.

This was a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time in the woods with my spouse and taking such a wonderful animal.

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