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First Blue Wildebeest  Image
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First Blue Wildebeest

May 30, 2012 by Ondrej Dvoulety

 After not having hunted for a while due to work and health commitments, I was invited to a hunt with our local Archery club. Jumping at the chance I decided that I wanted to shoot either a Blue Wildebeest or a Kudu cow.
Shooting primarily for meat I am not too interested in trophy animals. Finally the weekend arrived and after driving to the 3000 hectare farm I decided to do a final check of my setup before going out the next day. I shoot a Mathews Drenalin 29″ draw set at 65 pounds.
After making sure the setup was correct, the next day I proceeded to sit and wait for the wildebeest. The only problem I faced was there were three ostriches which seemed to chase all the game away from where I could get a good shot.
The day continued and I was starting to get very despondent that I would not get anything. At around 15h45 in the afternoon I noticed the ostriches were not around and that far in the distance the wildebeest were making their way down to the hide.

Heart racing seven wildebeest walked in and I checked all over for the ostriches as now would be my chance…. 10 minutes went by and eventually two broke away from the pack… unfortunately i did not have a clear shot as they were standing together.
I draw my box, took aim and waited for the opportunity to get a shot in. it seems I was in luck, ten seconds later the animal behind did a 90 degree turn and as soon as I saw light I released my arrow. It was straight and true.
The wildebeest jumped and started to run, the blood pumping out like a sprinkler, 20 yards later he started to walk and the rest of the herd joined him.

Another 10 Yards and he started to swagger, and then dropped to the ground… The arrowed had passed straight through, an Easton St Epic 340 with a Muzzy 3 blade fixed broadhead…..

Another successful hunt!

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