I Shoot Mathews

First antelope
Location: ColoradoBow Model: HēlimAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Antelope

First antelope

September 8, 2013 by Patrick Pate

A nice crisp Colorado morning, an unknown waterhole and a little luck helped me bag my first Antelope. It’s not a monster but its going on the wall. I found a nice tree to sit under a wait with wind in my face. My partner was posted a little farther down the side of the pond we hunted so we could cover each others blind spots. We both seen the Antelope coming and text each other at the same time. He had the first shot opportunity, his range finder said it was at 50 yds. He let an arrow fly and both our hearts stopped when we heard the arrow from his Hoyt hit the hard dirt and ricochet into the wide blue yonder. We thought the hunt was over. Thankfully the speed goat didn’t really know what the sound was and trotted closer to my end of the pond. By then I had cheated up closer to him by ten yds or so while he was behind some brush. Then I seem him again. I ranged him at 74 yds. He was looking at the decoy like it threw the arrow at him. I adjusted my HHA sight to 74 yds, took aim and prayed I didn’t miss my mark. It seemed like 5 minutes before I heard the arrow plow through his boiler room. I raised my binoculars and watched him as he trotted off. My first thought when I couldn’t see any blood on his side was ” I ll be tracking this guy to the next county”. Then he stopped 30 yds from where I shot him at and wobbled. He hit the dirt and never got back up. Before I upgraded to my Helim I never could make a 30 yd shot. Now I’m giving ol’ Chuck Adams a run for his money! I shoot Mathews!

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