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First animal taken bow hunting and first with my Passion Image
Location: Otter, MTAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Antelope

First animal taken bow hunting and first with my Passion

January 24, 2011 by Whitney Pankratz

My husband and I had been out for several days before we found success with this antelope buck. My wonderful husband had put many hours into decoying for me in those days several days so that I may get my first animal with my Passion and the time really did pay off! This was such an incredible experience for me, not having been out hunting much with the purpose to harvest an animal. To see how close one can get to an animal was amazing and to actually draw was so thrilling. We had glassed this antelope with its doe’s, started our stalk, when we had gotten close enough we got the decoy up and to my amazement the buck started towards us! To my surprise my nerves were calm. To my husband’s guidance I drew but couldn’t get a shot so let down and as the buck started to round and get downwind from us I drew again and at 42 yards using my Passion set at 52 pounds and a draw length of 23 1/2 inches put my arrow through both lungs and severed the arteries to the heart. Thanks be to God the buck only went about 45 yards! I was so grateful for such a wonderful hunt and first kill with my Passion!

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