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Father daughter double on hogs
Location: FloridaBow Model: CreedAlbum: Turkey, Hogs & Other Small GameAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Hogs

Father daughter double on hogs

March 28, 2014 by Tom Free

My daughter has been shooting for several years with her Genesis. Two weeks before the hunt we moved her up to a Jewel. She of course decked her bow out in blue and purple accessories. She shot several times getting used to her new equipment, and started to get some really good results. I told her that a few more months of practice and she’d be ready to take the bow into the woods. We had a hog hunt scheduled for her spring break where she would be using her .243 and I my new Creed XS. We are attempting to take a deer, hog, and turkey while hunting together this year. We both were blessed to take our deer, and were looking to take another step towards completing our goal. The guide suggested she bring her bow, they had a 3-D archery course where she could practice between hunts. They were so impressed with Ava’s ability that they told her that she could have the option of using her bow is she felt comfortable doing so. We were placed on a ladder stand with a bolt on situated above it. They over looked a feeder approximately 25 yards away. Soon after first light a group of hogs came in. Ava did everything perfectly, sending an arrow right where it needed to go. 30 min later a big single hog showed up. Being above her in the tree’s canopy, I had a limited choice of shooting lanes. I waited 5 min for the hog to enter a window in the limbs. I sent the arrow on it’s way, and we had our father/daughter double! We are headed to Missouri at the end of April to hunt turkey’s, the final animal in what we are calling our father/daughter slam.

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