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Elk hunt Image
Location: Cortez ColoradoAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

Elk hunt

October 3, 2011 by Albert Edmiston

well you have all heard about the last day of the last minute of the hunt . well i always got a good laugh when i heard hunters saying thiss on video ! well until it happen to me . seven hunters in camp and all but two has taken elk and it was time to take our lock on down from the water holes that we had been hunting. only two stands were left up ! my friend kennon chose his to hunt , so off to the last one . it was 2pm when i started climing up to the stand which was on a beautiful water hole on a undisturbed area on the mountain. as i was pulling up my Z7 i turned to see a great bull walking in ! with my pack still on i was scrambling to get my release on and nock an arrow . at that moment i remembered hearing the yardage from the tree to the oppsite side of the water where now the bull was standing ! i slid my pin to 38 yards went to full draw . once my pin was stedy , i released ! it was a quartering away shot but i was able to stop the bull with a cow call , long enought to see that tell tell sign of red fluid flowing ! i was so shaken , i called back to camp and told the story to my friends . as hard as it was , i took thier advice and did not trail. it was not long and i could hear todd blowing up his honda getting to me ! he slowed me down and said a prayer ! we then pulled the lock on down and headed back to camp ! waiting the next four hours was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do ! Al , Buddy , Charles ,Todd and i headed back to the area and took up the trail with me at point , Z7 locked and loaded ! Buddy on the bino’s, Todd’s nose to the ground ! just over 100 yards we found that the shot was good , the Wasp Boss and Z7 had preformed great !this was my not my first bull but it was my first p&y 6×6 ! well ,Kennon was as happy for me as if he had taken the bull himself, and we all left the mountain very happy !

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