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Dream Season

November 15, 2011 by

Dear Mathews,

My name is Ross Larimore and I am from Carroll County, Indiana and have been shooting my Mathews Reezen 6.5 daily for the past few years. I have never shot a better bow in my life. The technology that you incorporate in your bows is truly remarkable and always improving. Your slogan “catch us if you can” is perfect and in my opinion nobody can catch your superior technology and innovation because you’re always improving. My dad still shoots the Mathews Switchback XT and that just shows how high quality your bows are because it still shoots like a dream. You cant beat the draw cycle on the XT. I just wanted to say thank you because your amazing bow helped me tag the deer of my life this year. I took a nice 15 pointer here in Indiana this year with my Reezen 6.5 and I couldn’t have don’t it without you guys. Thank you.

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