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Desert Buck Image
Location: New Mexico Bow Model: Reezen 6.5Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Mule Deer

Desert Buck

November 15, 2012 by Travis Gulledge

After several days of hunting I had seen nothing but a lonely doe. With the weather making it impossible to hunt my previously scouted areas I headed out to a dove tank near town to clear my mind and think about where to hunt next. After sitting for several hours and seeing no doves I decided to glass a few of the desert mountains near where I was dove hunting just to see if there were any bucks in the area. I instantly located two bucks and noticed that they were in a very vulnerable position. They were slowly feeding up a small cut in the side of a mesa that would allow me to put a ridge between us and easily get above and ahead of them. After covering almost a mile and having nearly jogged up the mesa in order to beat the sunset I found myself at the base of the rimrock and just above the feeding bucks. It wasn’t until I crept over the edge that I finally got an idea of the size of these bucks. There at 79 yards was the largest live deer I had ever laid eyes on, and he had no clue I was in the area. Several yards to my left was a small creosote bush and then nothing higher than my boots from that bush to the buck. I crept over and knew I had no choice but to take the long shot, the rangefinder now read a steep downhill 66 yards. I was stuck behind this bush and the buck’s path would only distance him further. As the buck fed uphill and turned broadside I drew back my Reezen 6.5 and settled my 50 yard pin just behind the last rib to allow for the howling wind and steep downhill angle. I watched in horror as the arrow sailed several feet over the bucks back. The confused buck stared in my direction, but could not make out the source of the commotion. I slowly knocked another arrow, drew and settled the 50 yard pin back in the same spot. With the mental picture of the arrow sailing high still fresh in my mind I knew that the arrow had sailed just above my 40 yard pin. I slid the 40 yard pin where the 50 had been and let it fly. As I watched the arrow disappear into the buck’s ribcage I knew this shot had been true. The Reezen had sent a 100 grain Muzzy cleanly through this buck at 66 yards and stuck it in the gravel on the opposite side of the cut this buck was feeding in. Thank you Mathews for an excellent product.

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