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Daughter's 1st Turkey Bow Kill Image
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Daughter’s 1st Turkey Bow Kill

April 11, 2012 by Cory Tobin

Opening morning of the 2012 Wisconsin youth hunt for turkeys was a cold, calm, full moon morning, PERFECT for spring turkeys. My daughter (Hailey 14years old) and I got to the blind around 5:15am. I set out the hen decoy while she settled into her chair in the blind.We both got settled in and waited as the turkeys began to gobble. The morning seemed alittle slow as the gobbling didn’t last very long and most of the action seemed to be on the neighbors property and to make matters worse Hailey was getting cold. But she stuck it out and was rewarded as around 7:00am the action began to pick up again. We could tell there was 4-5 Toms gobbling in the open field on the other side of the woods we where hunting so I began to call and got a response right away. I called again and one Tom gobbled and was closing the dstance quick.We couldn’t see the gobbler yet so I hit the slate call one more time, he was right behind us. I told Hailey to get ready cuz he’s coming! She put her release on her Mission bow and was ready (and shaking of course,so was I). I couldn’t see him coming through the woods and the tall grass on the edge of the woods, but she did.”There he is” she said then I saw him coming out full strut spitting and sputtering 15yds away. Hailey drew her Mission Craze back and let him get within 7 yards of the blind. Full strut he looked huge being so close. He turned broadside and she let her arrow tipped with a 75  gr. Muzzy fly and smoked him! The gobbler flopped around for alittle bit got up and ran about 20 yards and dropped. I was shaking more than she was,”THAT WAS AWSOME” she said. I was so proud of her, 22lbs,8 3/4″beard and 3/4″spurs a very nice Tom, and to top it of she shot him with her Mission Bow.
Now its dads turn to try and get his first Gobbler with the bow.

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