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Coyote with my new Mathews Z7 Image
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Coyote with my new Mathews Z7

March 17, 2011 by Scot Oakes

I have been hunting with this Mathews for a number of years but last year was, by far, the best year I have had with it.
Shooting all summer with my new Z 7 by Mathews. I use a judo point to help aide my yardage estimations. Walking in and out of the stand, I always have one with me so I can take practice shots when I want to.
Shooting out to 60 yards is quite easy to do with this new bow. This past fall I shot 1 rabbit, 1 woodchuck, both at 30 yards.
I was fortunate enough to get 2 nice does at 50 yards and 1 turkey during fall turkey season. I chose to use my Mathews Z 7 instead of my muzzle loader.
The following evening I shot this coyote in the location I had shot the turkey the day before.
This past fall was by far the best bow hunting experience I have ever had, and I believe I owe it to my Mathews Z 7.
Scot Oakes
Potsdam, NY

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