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Cornfield Cruiser Image
Location: Mercer County, IllinoisAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Cornfield Cruiser

November 12, 2004 by Timothy Wolfe

The bucks were in a classic pre-rut mode and we had seen some very good deer during a 7 day hunt on our leased property. I passed on a couple bucks early in the week. On the final day of my hunt, I spotted this buck cruising along a fresh-cut cornfield behind my stand. I grunted to him and he stopped, looking in my direction. I grunted again, and the deer began walking towards me. He made a b-line for the faint trail off to my left. When he passed behind a small cedar tree I drew my Q2XL. At 12 yards he was broadside. A soft grunt on my hands free call stopped him and the arrow found its mark.

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