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Corbelli's Pope and Young 9 point Image
Location: Genesee County, New YorkBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Corbelli’s Pope and Young 9 point

February 4, 2013 by Mike Corbelli

Since purchasing my Matthews Z7 Extreme back in early March this past year, I shot daily preparing myself for todays event. It was a cold WNY November morning. Under the cover of darkness, I made the walk through the hay field to my stand positioned 40 yards into the hard woods overlooking a bottle necked creek bed. Every trip inside, I would find more signs of some mature buck passing within range of a shot, a fresh rub or scrape, but seeing nothing more than yearling fork and spike horns, none capable of ripping up the woods the way they were. At 7:30am, the procession of small buck began, with a small 4 point chasing after a couple doe passing by in the hay field to my right, then another coming in behind me and leaving his “scent mark” on a scrape 15 yards away. After he finished kicking the ground up a bit more, I watched him walk under my stand and head down and through the creek to my left until he was out of sight. After not seeing anything for close to an hour, I spotted a set of legs through the thicket 120 yards in front of me and heading to the creek. It wasn’t until this deer stepped to the creek bank that I was able to see just what was tearing up my woods. This “smasher” bent down to take a drink of the cold water and his thick crown stood out like the halo of an angel. Heart beating hard now, I pulled my grunt call out of my jacket and blew into it catching his attention. He paused for a few seconds before bending down to sip the creek again, when I grunted him again. He once again perked up, but this time with more conviction as he stuck his nose in the air, then jutted his head forward. He had caught not only the sound of my grunt calls, but the scent of the 4 point left an hour prior. He charged through the creek and made a fast approach towards me to my weak side right. I reached for my hung bow and positioned myself, turning so now to face his projected path, he came as if on a rope. When he was 40 yards away, I drew back, knowing that with 80% let off, I was solid should he slow up. Still moving quick, I picked the spot I would fire my shot at 25 yards the second he walked into it. At 30 yards I tried slowing him by letting out a blat, but to no avail. He came into line at a good clip and I released the fury of my Matthews, sending my G5 broad head deep into and through its intended target. The buck quickly ran 5 yards as if he was spooked, then slowed to a walk as he arrived at the 4 points scrape. He pawed at it 3 times, then as he bent forward to sniff the spot, fell head first to the ground. I felled this hard wood giant with a shot that hit so fast coming off the 60 lb Z7 Extreme string, that I believe this 144 inch, 9 point Pope and Young buck never knew he was mortally wounded, slicing through his liver. Thank you Matthews for such a well designed weapon and giving my the perfect tool for the job!

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