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Casey's first bow deer Image
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Casey’s first bow deer

September 18, 2010 by Mark Payne

After hunting with my son and daughter for about 4 years with guns, my daughter asked for a bow for christmas in 09. I already owned a mathews and that was the only choice i gave her. Casey started practicing with her Mathews Passion. As summer started to turn to fall, she started counting the days to bow season here in Ga. Opening weekend , she saw 3 does and a armadillo, The does never came close enough, but the armadillo made the mistake and Casey had her first kill. The second weekend , we all went again, this time with my stepson also. We all went to our apointed stands.Casey jumped a deer going to her stand. after getting to her stand and nocking a arrow she heard a deer walking towards her direction, she stood up and saw a body of a deer at 25yds. she drew back and waited for it to clear the thick brush, While waiting she saw the rack of the buck, she stayed calm, the buck cleared and the arrow hit home, the buck ran about 20yds and fell, she had been in stand about 5 minutes, she called me on cell phone, i was still walking to my stand, i turned around and headed to see what my daughter had done, made Dad very proud. Now if my son and his mission maniac and my Z7 can only do the same. Again a very exciting weekend for this family, A family that hunts together, stays together, GoodHunting

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