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Capturing 1st Place on Maiden Voyage with my new Mathews! Image
Location: Tupper Lake, NYBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Tournament SuccessAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Tournament

Capturing 1st Place on Maiden Voyage with my new Mathews!

February 4, 2013 by Nick Knowlton

After only a few weeks of getting my new Mathews and tuning it, I decided to see what the Z7 series bow could really do. After hearing many great things and seeing how it performed at the pro shop I felt confident it wouldn’t let me down. As I didn’t have time to put together a MBO setup, I had to enter the MBR class. I had received mixed comments about short axle bows. I set out to prove the critics wrong that they are as accurate as the other bows. After long days and nights of testing and tuning, I had my Z7 Xtreme pinwheeling the X ring shot after shot. The tournament was a 2 day 60 target 3-D event on the base of a mountain offering a diverse and technically challenging course setup. On day 1, I shot 3 15 target courses. Out of the maximum score, I only dropped 2 points. On the final day I shot the toughest course only dropping 2 more points. The course was hard on even the seasoned Pro Staff shooters. As the weather conditions changed, the MBR class gained an advantage with not running scopes, lens, clarifiers. The sunlight and then rain plagued the MBO shooters. With using standard pins and peep, these conditions affected me less. Interestingly, I had a few custom hand made parts I built at my work in the machine and fabrication shop. Including a unorthodox aluminum stabilizer. Not being able to run a side rod and V-bar, I welded a plate the to end of the front rod to balance out post-shot cant and forward/rearward aft. I shot side by side with great Open shooters and consistently scored better than most. I had to give credit to my pro shop owner who has specialized in tuning and arrow setup. He made my bow a tack driver. Coupled with great accessories and tips from a few National champion Pro shooters, I felt confident I had the winning setup. After all shooters had finished they revealed the scores. I was surprised to see I had finished in 1st by a respectable margin over 2nd place. I was sold on Mathews after previously shooting Bowtech. Mathews is my choice for life. Subsequently I bought a Conquest 4 target bow. With the continued success with my Mathews bows, I was accepted to the shooting staff for Gold Tip. Thankyou everyone at Mathews Inc. and Matt McPherson for creating what I believe to be the most dominating archery company to date!

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