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Bull Tahr of New Zealand's Southern Alps Image
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Bull Tahr of New Zealand’s Southern Alps

December 27, 2011 by Allan Bowman

The Mathews Z7 and I made the journey from Melbourne Australia to Queenstown NZ without incident. Upon clearing customs we were off to hunt the spectacular Himalayan bull Tahr of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

We were onto bulls right from the first day of the hunt but it took until day 3 before we got the drop on a mob of 7 bull Tahr. We glassed them for over 2hrs til they bedded up for the morning. This was our que to begin the 4500ft climb up the mountains to get around and above them.

The stalk worked out perfect with my guide Chris McCarthy and I crawling over the mountain top and positioning ourselves less than 20 meters away from the mob. We knew the record size bull was bedded in front of us in the tussock grass somewhere…..we just couldn’t see him!

Eventually he sat up to scratch his ribs….only 12 meters away! I hauled the Z7 to full draw and the mob exploded. They all bolted off the rocky bench they’d been bedded up on….except the monster bull. At 20 meters he pulled up for one last look back up the mountain, only to receive a Rage tipped Maxima Hunter 450 to his heart. A 60 meter dash saw the bull pile up in the tussock and breath his last.

At 43 6/8 Douglas Score he is the 4th biggest Bull Tahr ever shot with a bow and will forever be ‘MY MATHEWS MOMENT!’

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