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Buck in the Truck
Location: Eastern KentuckyBow Model: Z7 XtremeAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Buck in the Truck

November 4, 2012 by John Calhoun

As the first stages of the rut started in Kentucky I had gained access to a new piece of hunting property. I was only fortunate enough to scout this property the day before I was planning to hunt it. I quickly found that there was a frequently used bedding area on the edge of a grassy bottom near the edge of the property line. The only bad thing about the area I planned to hunt is that there wasn’t a tree that was suitable for my climber stand. There was however, a rock cliff below the ridge line looking down onto the grassy bottom that lead to the bedding area. Later that night it had rained and by the early hours it had tapered to a drizzle. As I made my way up to the rock cliff I set up and begin to range in different areas in the bottom. Around 9am I looked to see a spike making his way through the bottom into the bedding area. Shortly afterwards a doe made her way in across the bottom and thats when I heard thrashing through the leaves leading from the other side of the field. The first thing that I seen was his heavy frame as he made his was toward the doe who had now went into the bedding area. Once he crossed into my shooting lane, I gave a mouth bleat to stop him at 47 yards. With my Mathews at full draw I sunk my arrow directly into the kill zone! The heavy nine bolted off into the bedding area. As I calmed myself, I made a call to my dad telling him of the events and asked his help because I was sure it would be a job retrieving the heavy buck from the thick bedding area. As soon as I hung up I heard more thrashing in the leaves behind me on top of the ridge, as I looked through the trees, I was shocked to see that the heavy nine pointer had ran through the bedding area and onto the top of the ridge almost directly to where I had set up on the rock cliff. As I watched the deer, he made his way down the ridge on a trail I had not noticed the day prior. I was more shocked as the events unfolded because the buck had almost made a complete circle down the the grassy bottom. From where the deer expired it was only a short drag to where my dad and I were able to get the buck in the truck. One of my favorite hunts thus far, and I owe it all to Mathews!

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