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Black bear my way Image
Location: Sault Saint Marie OntarioAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Black bear my way

May 7, 2003 by Jerry Michrina

The bow is a SQ2 and the Broadhead was a Barrie Snyper 100 gr.

A clean pass through was achieved.

The bear came in and circle below my for 10 minutes before stepping into the narrow clearing were the bait was stationed. A clean shot behind the top right shoulder produced a roar as the bear raced away. I was able to hear the bear stop breathing (no moan) so I knew it was down close by. Due to the dense foliage I was not able to actually see the bear until it was at the bait. I saw tree tops swaying around me from the travel of the bear. It was so thick that the bruin could not walk through the region without brushing up against smaller trees and pines. The bear was at the bait by 5pm and I was heading back to my cabin for help by 5:30PM I attribute this early arrival to the fact that I placed the bait site in an area so thick that the bear felt secure coming in early.

I used a large variety of baits (all fresh) and this resulted in more than one bear using the site. (Bears have different tastes like we do). I made certain to condition the local bears to my scent by leaving a worn T-Shirt at the stand site each time I replenished the bait. Then the day of the hunt I wore two layers of scent blocking suits. This made my actual scent far less than the bear was used to.

This bear dressed at 266 Live est. is something over 300. The place was my cabin in Ontario.

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