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Big Rack Mack Image
Location: polk county WiBow Model: StandardAlbum: Shoot Like A GirlWhitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Big Rack Mack

February 4, 2013 by Heather Howard

We had caught Big Mack on trail cam once last year and a couple times this year. When I bought my Mission Craze last year, I told the store owner I was going to get me a 10 pointer. Well, Big Mack is a 9 pointer so close enough! This is my first full season of hunting. It was a cold, misty, windy Wisconsin morning. I was sitting in my stand. Wet gloves frozen hands and was doing the “potty dance” I was doing some estrous bleats along with some grunting. Got down to go potty about 20 yrds from my stand, got back up and changed my gloves. I continued with the calls. About 10 mins later I saw a buck running across the open grassy area about 80 yrds away. I snort wheezed and 10 mins later, Big Rack Mack was 13 yrds in front of my stand coming directly towards me. He turned left and walked a couple yards and I drew back my baby..my mission craze and poked him at 15 yrds. He went down about 50 yrds away. It was an AWESOME first harvest!! My boyfriend said after I get a deer I can upgrade to a custom Jewel! I look forward to next season with my beautiful Jewel!! My boyfriend and others are shocked as well as jealous of my first ever whitetail harvest!! Thanks Mathews.

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