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Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint's Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot Image
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Bianca Raven Wins 2012 Desert Bowhunters Clint’s Wells Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot

June 11, 2012 by John Raven


Bianca Salinas of Fusion Outdoors won the women’s open division in northern Arizona at the popular 2012 edition of Clint’s Well’s Memorial Weekend 3D Shoot presented by Arizona’s Desert Bowhunters.

Bianca in her first ever 3D tournament was shooting a new Matthews Passion in hot electric pink. She is a mother, fitness model and staff shooter for Fusion Outdoors, an Arizona adventure film and marketing company with shooters that hunt and compete, by choice…exclusively, with only Mathews bows and equipment.

“Bianca is a beautiful person and it was only fitting she shoot an equally beautiful bow,” said her husband John Raven who competes with two Z7’s and hunts with another two Z7 Extreme Tactical’s. “Watching her drill those ‘twelve’s’ with that bow, and seeing the other competitors comment on the way it looks and shoots was totally cool.”

Beyond the technical capabilities of the bow, the flawless and perfectly executed finish on the bow’s anodized riser is something not found on many bows. Bianca’s choice of Mathews electric pink anodize with gray smoke camo accents distinguishes it from the other bows in the tournament and drew many admirers. “My Mathews Passion has to be the smoothest shooting (and prettiest bow) I have ever shot,” said Bianca who shoots the bow in a 24″ draw length set at 38 pounds. “Even with these dimensions I still had enough arrow speed to reach targets out to 55+ yards with my Easton Flatline DOA arrows.”

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  • MACOLOS says:

    Congratulations Bianca!!!!
    As the old guy from Mathews, (retired Warranty tech) I am happy to see a post such as yours. 24″ draw and 38#. I spent years trying to get it in the heads of some as to how over-bowed they were, and that you did not need 70+# and a 30″ draw. I am still very active archer with my Z7’s, DXT and a 05-SB for 3-D and at 27″ draw, I have changed all of my bows to 50# max and did great onmy deer last year. Two does and a great 8 at 46+ yards.
    your great win and picture of you and your daughter, just plain warms your hears.

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