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Best Archery Buck to Date Image
Location: IllinoisBow Model: DXTAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Best Archery Buck to Date

September 11, 2012 by Brad Beltramea

It was just before the close of legal shooting time. I was perched 25 feet up in a massive oak on an old logging road. The old road sits between an abandoned farmstead with a small bean field and a brushy bedding area. I had been watching several does and fawns grazing their way across the bean field when I heard a deep, gutteral grunt just up the fenceline from me. I heard a deer jump the fence and begin walking down the logging road toward me. It was a big old doe. Shortly after, I heard another deer jump the fence and come my way as well. Anticipating a buck, I was just ready to draw when I noticed it was a button buck following it’s mother.

I assumed the hunt was over when I heard another series of loud, deep grunts and a deer pawing the ground. Then, I heard another deer jump the fence. I leaned forward to catch a quick glimpse and immediately knew it was a shooter based on the huge body and at least four tall tines on the right beam. I quickly brought my to full draw, settled the pin on my closest shooting lane and waited. I stopped the buck with a mouth grunt at 12 yds and sent my Montec tipped Maxima Hunter into his high right shoulder. The buck took off like a shot into the brush and within a few seconds I heard a tremendous crash. I came back a couple hours later to find the biggest buck I’d ever seen on the hoof just 30 yds from my stand. This truely was My Mathews Moment.

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