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Berven is Back!

June 11, 2012 by Danielle Bergen


Two weeks before we went hunting we set up the bear baits hoping to draw in a good number of bears and get them used to the bait sites. The week we headed up for hunting, we sadly realized that our one baits we call Berven Bait hadn’t been touched by bears let alone by any ravens. This was pretty strange considering this bait was typically smoked by bears and our trail camera usually ran out of memory after two days from all the raven pictures it took…But, to give a bit of background, this year we had decided to move the bait about 160yds because our old location had been in a pretty swampy area and we didn’t want to keep getting the quads stuck. With no action at this new location we decided we HAD to move back to our old spot! Two days after moving the bait I sat there with my hunting buddy Dave. We were still getting settled into the stand when I noticed our first bear of the evening. We had bear action the rest of the evening at the stand with two big bears but neither would give me a shot. Two days later Dave and I returned to this bait site and, same as the previous night, we were still setting up when I saw the biggest bodied black bear I have ever seen in my life. I started praying harder than I ever have that the Lord would bring this bear in. Dave caught it all on camcorder and the photo is proof…God Answered My Prayer and Berven is back!!!

Thank you Mathews for the AWESOME Z7 Extreme!!! My bear ran 5yds and dropped stone dead!!

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