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Beginning our Journey with Mathews!

December 9, 2011 by

Early on in my Husband and I’s relationship we shared our love of shooting bows. He was the one who first taught me how to shoot. So we decided to tie our love for bow hunting into the unity portion of our wedding ceremony. We both shot an arrow into the adjacent pond with our Mathews bows. His was a Mathews LX and mine a Mission Menace.
I am so happy to look back on such a great moment to begin our journey into marrige. We couldn’t think of anything better than to shoot our Mathews bows! :) Bubba (my husband) has also had some awesome kills with his old bow (he upgraded to a Z7) by killing a 12 point buck at about 25-30 yards, an 8 pointer at 15 yards, and a doe at 75! Thank you Mathews for not only providing us with the best bows out there, but with a passion that began our journey into marriage!!

Sincerely, Sharee & Bubba Welch

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