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Awesome day with my Mathews

January 19, 2012 by

This year started out like any other deer season, we started scouting and placing trail cameras out. Just seeing little deer on my cameras I was not getting too excited because I knew with the rut coming at end of the season I should see something. I practiced all summer long with my Z7, Robin-Hooding 2 arrows and breaking dozens of nocks from twenty – forty yards. I began hunting everyday I could get out and by the second-to-last week I started seeing some nice bucks chasing doe. My best friend came out with me and we hunted one of our double sets we just went after work and only had about 2 hours to hunt we seen 7 different bucks and then we seen a large buck about 100 yards away. He ran off chancing a doe we thought that was the last we would see him. 10 minutes later out came a 6-point and little 4 point and then there he was at 100 yards again working his way towards us. He worked about halfway when he started veering into the woods just then my buddy hit a doe can twice and he was heading our way. As he came closer I knew we were about to get a chance at this big boy. Finally at 30 yards I released the Z7 and the rage did its thing he ran about 30 yards stumbled and laid down and the rest is history. I love my Z7 and have the upmost confidence in this bow.  I love my Mathews.


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