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AUS fallow deer Image
Location: AUSTRALIAAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

AUS fallow deer

May 17, 2011 by jason palmer

Had plans to hunt fallow deer at a mates place sat morning but rained most of the day so i told my other mate i was going to take ill just hunt sat arvo for rabbits and foxes.we walked for a while on my place seeing a few bunnys then came up to a dam and this fallow deer came down to drink.he had a drink and just walk right past the tree i was near i nocked a gold tip arrow with a spintite venom head on and the deer walked 40m down hill from me i drew my z7 back settled the pin on his chest and let fly the arrow hit him good he only ran 40m max and piled up..nice arvo just out hunting bunnys …love the z7 ..thnx

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