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Location: Oriskany Falls, NYAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

At Last

January 19, 2012 by Jim Dowd

In 2010 I got 12 trail cam pics of this buck. In 2011 I got 16 more. During the past two seasons I scouted fields in the AM & PM. I never got to actually see him. All pictures were taken after dark except on 11/8/11, when I got 3 daytime pics. After lunch on the 11th, we got our first snow. By 2PM we had over 6 inches of good tracking snow. I immediately donned my snow camo and went to look for him. Fortunately I located a big track on my way in while on my ATV. I then followed the track for about 1/2 hour and caught up to the buck that left the tracks. It was him!!! He was chasing a doe and ran by me at 15 yards 4 times. On the 4th pass he stopped and faced me. I was already on my knees and at full draw. I held that position for about 2 minutes and all he offered me was a face shot! I began to think about letting down when he lifted his head up high, trying to figure out what I was. This movement gave me a clear shot at his lower neck. The only problem was that I had a hole in the brush about the size of a soccer ball. I remember thinking about all of the tips that Allison from AJ’s Archery shop had given me on how to properly shoot with a release as I had recently purchased a new Z7Xtreme and had shot fingers for the past 30+ years. All of the practice and tips from Allison paid off. The arrow made it through the brush without touching any limbs and struck the buck dead center in his heart. After a short and easy tracking job he was down.
Thank You Allison, AJ’s and Matthews for giving me the tools to make the shot.
Live weight – 240 lbs. Dressed weight 203 lbs.
Gross score 145 Net Score 140

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