I Shoot Mathews

Location: Vaalwater, South AfricaAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous


June 17, 2005 by Johnny van Graan

Philip van Graan, who turned 11 on 26 April shot this grown Bluewildebeest female on 17 June 05, using his Mustang, Easton Obsession, tipped with 100gr Muzzy broadhead. The shot was taken at what he estimated 18 yrds, the arrow flew tru and cut through both lungs and liver. The Bluewildebeest is known to be an exceptionally difficult animal to harvest, and everyone is immensely impressed that, at 23 ins drawlength, the Mustang packed sufficient energy to completely shoot right through the animal. We reckon that there are few 11 year olds with a Bluewildebeest kill – is this perhaps a world first for that age, and a first for a Mustang? Even more – this was Philips first bowkill, and originally he was scheduled to shoot an Impala! Great was the surprise when the PH notified my "the young man had just shot – a massive Bluewildebeest!" Thanks to the engineers at Mathews – without a Mustang, I doubt if this would have been possible!

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