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Alberta Bear Hunt Image
Location: Alberta CanadaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Bear

Alberta Bear Hunt

October 3, 2011 by Keith Eberly

Bear Hunting in Alberta

I have just returned from a six day and night bear hunting trip to Alberta Canada. The weather was incredible with cool evenings, warm days, a little rain, everything was perfect. My first night out, about 10 minutes after my hunting guide Mike dropped me off at the stand, I had a very large black bear come into the bait. This first bear never really presented me with a good shot, but after he left, that must have been the signal for the rest of the bears to arrive. Through out this first evening, I saw several more and at one time I counted as many as 10 different bears all in close vicinity of my stand. This was pretty exciting, especially considering the sow and her three yearling cubs at the bait wanting to visit you in your tree stand!
The second night of the trip was payday. Around 9:00 PM, shortly after the same sow and cubs from the night before departed the area, here he came…a large boar chocolate bear. This big male cautiously entered the area to check us out in the stand. He then walked directly over to the bait. This move set me up with a perfect broadside shot, about 20 yards away, so I took him. He came down after a short run of only about 60 yards. This big male had a 19-3/16” skull and squared at 7’ 6”; just an awesome bear.
I should mention that back in my home state of Texas, I hunt mostly deer and wild hogs. For me to take a bear of this magnitude was a really great experience. After taking the big chocolate male, I still had another four nights to hunt, but I felt like I had already filled my tag.
Three nights later I found myself in a different stand. There was not much activity until about 10:10 PM, when this bruiser of a black bear came strolling in slowly. He was large that’s all I can say. My first thought was that this bear was actually a sow. However, I could recognize that he had long front legs and large front paws. I decided he was a boar and to take him. He turned and gave me a perfect broad side shot of about 18 yards and he was down within 30 yards. This second bear’s skull measured 18-9/16” and he squared at 6’9”. When examining this big black bear, I could tell he was and old bear with gray hairs and yellow worn teeth.
At this point I felt like the luckiest person on Earth. I had just taken two Pope and Young size bears in the same trip. I used my Mathews Drenalin bow on both bears with Muzzy 115 grain broadheads, this combination proved to be perfection at its best!

Keith Eberly
Weatherford, Texas

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