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Alabama Whitetail Image
Location: Dallas County AlabamaAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

Alabama Whitetail

November 4, 2003 by Tom Schelling

After a disappointing early season hunt in my home state of Massachusetts I was happy to take my annual trip on November 4th to Alabama for a week of bow hunting. Upon arrival I had a quick bite to eat at camp and proceeded to a spot well known to me to hunt. I hadn’t been 10 minutes in the permanent treestand when Three bucks appeared about 90 yards off. I watched the Three browse for about 45 minutes when one decided to move on. He walked within 40 yards of me but was a small 6 point and I let him go. Ten minutes later the other two bucks, one a six and the other a good eight, were out of view and gone. Shortly after two other bucks came through, but out of out of range. I watched a few other does for a short while and noticed deer coming through the sage to my left. The first buck out I knew was mine. He was going to give me a decent shot by the direction he was heading. He was with a smaller buck which I have no real idea of what it was because I was too focused on the nice nine point with a split G2. I waited for about five minutes when I was presented a 35 yard broadside relaxed shot. I made it count, and My Mathews Ultra 2 and I had a nice Alabama nine point that scored 118 4/8, just four hours off the plane! Not bad to see seven racks in one evening hunt

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