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Aaron Ambur 2004 South Dakota Pronghorn Antelope Image
Location: Western South DakotaAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Antelope

Aaron Ambur 2004 South Dakota Pronghorn Antelope

September 25, 2004 by Aaron Ambur

I located this buck on Monday the 20th of September and hunted him for 7 days before I caught up with him Saturday morning the 25th at 7AM while decoying from over 1/2 mile away and my arrow caught up with him at 30 yards. While in pursuit, I lost sleep, cussed the 15 ladies he was with, picked up a ton of cactus on my body, was humiliated, and put a pile of miles on my boots. All ended well though and have some good memories from it and a trophy antelope.

Official score of this pronghorn is 85 6/8 Net P&Y. He will be the largest pronghorn ever to be taken in the state of South Dakota with a bow and arrow and will rank #3 B&C in the state of SD. He was harvested in South Dakota in September 2004.

Took him with a Mathews Q2 — thanks for your a super shooting bow — only thing I would take with me when hunting the Western Plains.

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