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A long time coming
Location: spokane indian reservationBow Model: DrenalinAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

A long time coming

September 22, 2013 by cliff matherly

I’m addicted to bowhunting have been for a long time out of my family i’m the only one who does. I had 3 close friends who shared the same addiction that i did we shared alot of hunting adventures and all three were taken too young. After hunting the Regular Season for elk everyone using there rifles me i bring my bow instead i set a goal for myself take my first Elk with My bow I’ve been set with that for years. The Reservation finally set a season for Archery last year with two tags given and after not drawing i still set out with my bow. I did guide my middle brother to his first bull elk last year and also helped my youngest brother with a cow elk. 2013 the Reservation was going to give out 4 tags so i put my name in and after a month i found out i drew for the archery hunt 10 days starting September 22nd. the practice was on just prior to my hunt my best friend kevin finally lost his battle with Cancer so the last of my hunting friends was gone so i decided to dedicate this hunt to them knowing they would be there with me on this adventure. Opening day found me and my brother in the woods after a morning of no sightings or bugling we decided to head home to rest till the afternoon. I decided if any elk giving me a opporunity i was not going to pass it up. We decided to check a road since there seemed no one has been down and too our surprise we jump elk there were bedded down on the road and with no shot opportunity we left the area. We decided to check this other area taking a short cut on a road that ran below the main road and to our surprise we found alot of sign and a very nice wallow which was just visited by elk the evidence of water drops on the dirt suggested we just missed them and the smell of the Musk in the air. we decided to drive to the top of the mountain and after getting out my brother let out a cow call with my hoochy mama and to our surprise a bull let out well not a bugle but more of a growl we decided to go see if he would come in my brother decided to start cow calling and before we could get set up the bull was running down the road and he was there at 30 yards the 6×6 bull was big my heart jumping and me shaking bad but with no shot the bull ran back the way he came i decided to get out to this point and i could see the bulls antlers above the brush hoping he would give me a shot and at the same time not knowing we had 2 spike elk sneak in behind us when the first spike barked i nearly dropped my bow and jumped 2 feet in the air as did my brother and the big bull turned and ran down to 83 yards and stood now it was game time hoping i could get a shot at one of those spikes but the closes he would come was 60 yards but never presented a shot. the next morning we made a game plan to look at this other place where my brother knew had elk and on the way i told him of when your cousin passed away i stopped at the Pierre house and bugled and the mountain side answered back with bugles. We decided to stop at the Pierre house and see what happens we pulled off the highway and when i let out the first bugle the Mountain side sang with bugles after counting 9 different bugles my brother looked at me and said get your bow and lets go so off we went. we got 80 yards from the vehicle in this open field my brother let out a few cow calls a bull bugled close and he was coming my brother got back about 20 yards and started cow calling and im trying to find a place to set up the only place was a small tree the only tree there and suddenly there was a cow coming she side hilled a small hill below us and i was hoping she would offer a shot but she stopped at the bottom and then here comes the bull he decided to come up the little ravine and when he got there he was 20 yards and when i pulled my bow back he ran to 40 yards slightly quarting away the arrow was on its way with a rage 2 blade broadhead the arrow hit its mark with the Nocturnal light on and the bull bolted the way he came “wow” what a rush and my brother thought i hit the bull in the hind end but i assured him i hit him where i aimed and that was behind the shoulder. We decided to go where the bull was standing and too my surprise no blood we went a little ways farther and found the first drop of blood we didnt find much blood but when we did it was evident he was hit hard since i didnt get a complete pass thru we followed the blood trail and then it seemed to just stop and i started searching and searching for anhy drop of blood while my brother decided to go over a little hill and check and see if the bull had bedded down i started going over trails and i happened to look towards the road and where my vehicle was parked and too my surprise there he was down my first elk with my bow. The bull ran 80 yards he fell 50 yards from where my vehicle was parked 40 yards from the main road and 30 yards from another road how lucky was i. it has been a long time coming and a adventure a adventure i know i shared with my friends above looking down and smiling on me thank you my friends i miss the hunts and the fun times we had but will never forget them and thank you to my brother Ed for his dedication and help and glad we could share it together. I shoot a mathews Drenalin set at 70lbs. 28 inch draw length Easton Aftermaths with rage 2 blade and noctural lighted nocks.

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