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A buck named “Beamer”

December 27, 2011 by Ritch Miller

This is a buck that I have a lot of history with. I have both 2010 sheds and a shed from 2009. We named him “Beamer” as in 2009 he grew and extra beam on his left side. He did not have that trait after that but we kept the name anyways. I have many trail cam pics and my buddy that hunts the property with me has had may encounters with this buck over the last 2 years. Never in a million years did I think I would have killed this guy, the first time I got a look at him from stand on October 21 and the scenario in which it happened.

I had talked to the landowner the morning of Thursday, Oct. 20 and he told me that he saw a big buck cross the road by his house and into the main property Wednesday evening. I asked him if the neighbors were harvesting the corn to the north and he said they were. Well when I got that news I was going to do everything I could to get into a stand Friday evening. I drove around the property to glass the field that I wanted to sit near and they had harvested the corn off the field but not right were I wanted to sit and it looked like they were probably going to be working on that evening. Well with the wind out of the west/south west and I had one other stand that would be a decent stand for that wind so I made my mind up that is where I was going to sit. It is in a timber that has a creek running thru it with the stand about half way up a hill. I walk into the stand heading west on an old logging road so it is fairly quiet and easy to get to. I noticed quite a few new scrapes and rubs on the road along the way. I got into stand at 3:00 and as I am getting myself secured to the tree I hear something walking below me towards the creek to the north and there is a small 6pt buck walking to the west. At first I thought he caught me but he was very casual and going about his business. I got all settled in and was busy marking distances and watching squirrels eating and chasing each other around. At 4:00 I just happened to turn around, looking east, down wind, thinking there are squirrels making the noise and all I see is a lot of antler, 25 yards away. He was straight down wind of me just browsing on briars and twigs. He had no clue I was there. I got turned around and grabbed my bow off the hanger that was hanging in between me and the buck. I started looking for a spot to where I might get a shot at this guy but we didn’t do a very good job of clearing that particular side as we did think we would be getting a shot there. I had my bow in position to draw as he is slightly angling up the hill. I was desperately looking for a spot where I might get the shot and noticed that the bow hanger might come into play with my top bow limb. Again, the buck is straight down wind but had no clue I was there and was in no hurry to get any where. He was just about to get to a spot that was clear enough for the shot so I drew on him, and sure enough the bow hanger was in the way so I nudged it, at full draw to move it out of the way. I got settled in on him at about 25yds. He was almost completely broadside and as his right leg moved forward I released the arrow and it hit the just behind the leg and he mule kicked. I immediately saw blood. He angled up the hill and got onto the road that I walked in on and was getting jello legged within 15 yards of the shot. He stumbled a few more yards in full view and fell over. He was dead within 20 yards of the shot at 4:05! The combination of my Mathews Switchback XT, Carbon Express PileDriver arrows and Wac ‘em Triton broadheads did the job to say the least.

We green scored him at 162 5/8” with 10 scorable points and was just shy of 200lbs field dressed. We believe he maybe 5 1/2 years old.

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