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60 days after surgery
Location: KyBow Model: Z7™Album: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

60 Days After Surgery

November 4, 2011 by Shane Coomer

I normally don’t shoot bucks under 150″ but this buck and doe I harvested have a very special place in my heart… The story of this harvest begins in August, 2011 a week before the KY bow opener. My son and I were putting up him a 20′ ladder stand, he being 13, it was gonna be his 1st attempt to bow hunt so I wanted him in a safe stand. As we leaned the stand up against the tree I strap the support brace to the tree I clump to the top to begin removing some poison ivy off the tree that we both are allergic to. As I begin pulling at the vines the stand kicks out and spins like a clock hand to the right as I jump away from the stand I land with a thud, I soon realize I had broken my shin bone (tibia). After calming my son I have him back the side by side up to me and help get me in the back and proceed to drive me to the truck. Our hunting lease has no cell phone service unless you get higher up on the mountain so I send him to call friends to come drive me to the ER. So very thankful for my son and him being there for me if not I don’t know what I would’ve done!! Anyways after surgery and having a rod and 2 pins put in my leg I begin to be able to walk with crutches and a special boot but still no pressure.. Itching to go hunting my friends offer to take me so I hunt only 50yds off the road from the truck about my limit with crutches. I use a summit climber and pulled up with my good leg and got up the tree easily.. Was just glad to be back in the woods and believe it or not thrilled to be in a tree with my Mathews in hand!! After sitting for a couple hrs I used a doe bleat 3 times and within seconds heard noise behind me and turn to look and see this respectable 3yr old 10pt coming. I had told my friends earlier on the drive up that I wasn’t gonna be picky due to my injury. So I let the Z7 eat and it hit its mark, within 5 mins I hear another deer coming through the leaves following the bucks trail (I know reverse of what I’m use to) so I let the Mathews do it’s thing once more so I filled both my Ky tags within 5 mins.. I was so elated and felt so blessed that my Lord and Savior had given my the opportunity to once again do what I love so much!!!

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