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212 Gross Image
Location: WisconsinAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

212 Gross

October 23, 2004 by Travis S. Maund

I have wanted to tell you the same thing that so many other hunters have been saying for years or since you started. Well here it goes, you make the best bow in the world. I started out many years ago with my first bow being a Browning and shortly moved to a Hoyt. I stayed shooting the Hoyt brand for several years and changed models as many hunters do. I thought at the time my Hoyt bow was the very best available, until my friend turned me on to the first Mathews we had seen. The archery shop was located in Tallahassee, Fl “Kevin’s Sporting Goods”. It only took one shot and since then I have been trading up models as fast as you design them. I would have to wonder how in the world you could improve on your technology each and every year, but I will leave that to you. Please continue to design the best bows on the planet. My son is 4 years old and will hopefully have the Mathews line of archery products available to him for many, many years to come. I am enclosing my best bow kill to date, he was taken in Wisconsin in October 2004, and he has 24 scorable points and gross measures 212 P&Y. I have been fortunate to take many great bucks with your bows. I am looking forward to purchasing the new Switch Back, it’s just so hard to let go of my Outback. I hope your company continues to prosper, may God bless you all.

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