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2013 Archery Buck
Location: IowaBow Model: Z7 MagnumAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

2013 Archery Buck

November 5, 2013 by Logan Bogatzke

Tuesday Nov 5th

I was sitting in a two man ladder stand we had just moved to this spot last season. I had only only sat in it one other time and seen 3 doe. I hadn’t even got settled into the stand yet and heard a deer blowing already. It was still dark and they was up wind so I was confident it wasn’t at me. I got settled in and once light started shining through the timber I started some light rattling and grunting. I immediately heard a deer walking towards me from the north. I look over and I had a little scrub 6 point headed straight to my stand. He walked to the bottom of my ladder and stood there smelling and looked up right at me and just kept walking. He hit the two scrapes that were in front of the stand and headed east. I waited a little bit and rattled and grunted again. I think I through in the doe bleat can and shortly after another buck came from the east. I was thinking it was the same buck, but this one was a little bigger and only had a half rack. I thought, boy if they keep getting bigger, I’d be alright with that. He came straight in and hit one of the two scrapes and he left to the west. I waiting a while again and decided to do some more grunting and this time I didn’t get a reaction. I thought to my self “Pa, you gotta send me something I can shot!”. Shortly after I catch a glance of a deer moving through the timber and soon see his rack. I grunted and bleated at him, but he didn’t want anything to do with me. He went around behind me and kept walking. I caught a glimsp of him again on the north side of me, but he still didn’t want anything to do with me. I briefly seen a good view of his rack and said “That will do Pa”. Pa is my grandfather who was a very big outdoors man and passed that on to my brother who passed it to me. I wasn’t big enough to get to hunt with him before he got sick and passed away. I still look to him every time I go a field. So why I am trying to see the shooter buck again I turn back around and there is another buck within 30 yards of my stand headed right to me. He stopped and tore up the first scrape and while he was doing so, I took a good look at him and decided I really liked him. He started walking to the 2nd scrape and I drew back my Mathews Z7 Magnum to get ready. He stopped at the 2nd scrape and I thought I would need to let him get around the little tree between us, but then I realized I could get right where I needed. I let me Bloodsport 1s with NAP Kill Zone broadheads eat. I hammered him so hard he bounced off the next tree in line and left a hugh blood spot. Then the rush hit me and I started the good old fist pump and watched him take off and heard him crash around 70 yards later. I remember saying “Thanks PA!”. I text my buddy that I was hunting with and told him “I just smoked one!”. He said wait for me to recover. I knew he was down so I went down and grabbed my arrows to take a look at the blood and knew it was a double lung shot. Once my buddy made it over we recovered him and the rest is history. The buck is now at the butcher being made into deer sausage.

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