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2011 Buffalo Hunt Image
Location: Sand Hills Outfitters Stuart, NebraskaAlbum: African & MiscellaneousAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: African & Miscellaneous

2011 Buffalo Hunt

December 27, 2011 by Bruce Davis

I just wanted to thank Mathews for building the finest bows in the world. If it wasn’t for my equipment I would not have been able to take this trophy. I have had my Drenalin for five years. It was my first bow and out of the box the performance and accuracy has made me look way better than I really am. I shot a robin hood two weeks after buying it while sighting my bow in at fourty yards. I took my first archery dow and buck with this bow; and on Monday, December 12, 2011 with the help of my guide Rich Hamilton and the lord smiling down on me I was able to take this beautiful animal. It truely is the trophy of a lifetime for me.

I have been shooting the new Hēlim at my part time job and up until I shot this magnificent creature I had planned on buying one after Christmas because it is the finest bow I have shot to date and I have shot about all of the new ones. Unfortunately it is going to have to wait because I have an unbelievable mount to pay for now. What a magnificent problem to have!

Thank you Mathews for the tool that introduced me to this wonderful addiction. I am a customer for life and it is your bows I recommend in the store to anyone who asks me who makes the best.

Bruce Davis

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