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2010 archery elk Image
Location: ArizonaAlbum: Elk, Caribou, Moose & BearAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Elk

2010 archery elk

October 3, 2011 by Craig Westfall

What a tough hunt!! Opening morning started off great, we had a nice bull come in to my cow calls and my wife got a shot off but miss judged the distance and shot just over his back. We were able to get on to another bull but could never close the gap on him. For the next week we chased and tracked bulls all over the place but never got close enough. We ran into one of the guides from Mullins (Brian) and he offered to go out and call for us, we were on a bull but once again we couldn’t close the gap between us and him fast enough before the bull stopped calling. Brian offered some advice and gave me his number in case we got into a pickle and needed some assistance. My wife and I had hiked the canyons early one morning and the bulls were hardly talking again. It seemed each day there was less and less bugling. After hiking the canyons all morning my wife and I were pretty tired. So we decided to set up on a water tank that had a lot of tracks around for the evening hunt. We hadn’t been there more than an hour when we heard a bull sound off 100yrds behind us, 20 minutes later we heard snapping of branches, 4 cows started walking down to the water and I could see a big body hanging back in the brush. The bull started to make his way down to the water. I was in a bad spot for the shot but I noticed my wife was already at full draw and waiting for the shot on the bull. She was only 15 yards from him. I had a split second to draw but I wasn’t fast enough. The bull caught me moving and he shot out of there like a rocket! I was so mad at myself for blowing it for her!! The next morning we went to another area we had scouted and found a great bull with his harem across the ridge from us. And he was fired up big time! We had him coming and we had worked our way to within 60 yards of him but didn’t have a shot, it was way too thick! We kept going back and forth until around 9am and he SHUT UP! We watched him bed down so we decided to back out and get some food and head back and watch him. We get back and see another hunter in the area bugling over and over like a sick cow. The big boy was gone. That night we went back to the water tank we had set up on the night before. We didn’t hear anything, then we hear a loud snap come from behind us again. My wife and I are ready this time. But we don’t hear anything else. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a big blonde body walking out 12 yards away and going straight for the water. The bull came in so fast my wife didn’t have a chance to draw. The bull walked behind a big bush and I went to full draw. He walked right to the water and I put the pin where I wanted it and pulled the trigger. He shot out of there fast. My wife and I were letting him calm down and we started talking about what just happened and she told me that was the big bull we were chasing that morning. My wife and I started tracking after an hour and the blood trail stopped quick. I made the call to Brian and he flew out to help track!! We spent about 2 hours tracking in the dark when I was asked “if I wanted to see my bull”. LOL I can’t post what I said next LOL. Brian made a call and had one of the other guys from Mullins (Scott) come out and help with the bloody part. We had the bull caped and ready to go in no time. The hunt was super tough but in the end all of our hard work paid off. I want to thank the boys from Mullins, Brian & Scott; they really impressed me with their professionalism willingness help out even though I wasn’t a paying client. They are GREAT guys!!!!!
But most of all I want to thank my wife. This was her first big game hunt and she did awesome! Never once complained about all the hiking or getting up at 3am every morning. I’m very proud of her!

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