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2004 ND Bow Buck Image
Location: North DakotaAlbum: Whitetail & Mule DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Whitetail

2004 ND Bow Buck

September 28, 2004 by Clay Olson

I was dreaming of hunting as I was on my last night shift, and I had my relief come in an hour early so I could get in my stand before daybreak……what an awesome morning it was !!

It froze hard just before daybreak, and the sound of crunching leaves as deer filtered through the trees, filled the air……as night gave way to day, geese started lifting up off the river…..the constant honking made for some good cover for any movement I might have to make……

Roughly 7am, I caught movement through the trees…..three bucks heading to the river to water…..one looked pretty decent. As they started heading back from the rivers edge, they started making their way past me to my right…..just then a doe pops up out of no where about 30 yards to my left……..one of the yearling bucks changes direction, and starts making his way toward the doe, with the good buck in tow…..

As the small buck walks directly under my stand, he pulls up to smell where I had walked in, but he is not alarmed…..just stomps several times as he knows something just isnt right…..the good buck has held up about 20 yards to my right yet….Im pinned down….didnt dare move…..

The young buck settles down and starts heading towards and following the doe again…..the good buck is once again at ease, and resumes the path behind the yearling…….as he walks under me and behind a tree, I grab my bow and latch my release on my string……..as he passes by at 10 yards I drew back my Outback…..the whisper of the arrow sliding backwards is what stops him quartering away…….a quick "zzzip" and a mule kick find him making a final 50 yard dash…..

This was a memorable hunt for all this morning had to offer……the frost, the geese…the deer….the outdoors…….I was on full tilt adrenaline for what seemed forever, but once it became crunch time it was like I went on autopilot……I dont remember any sights or sounds, I just remember drawing and picking my spot…….as I released that arrow, I remember the flood of sights and sounds returning….simply awesome to be able to enjoy this kind of experience…..

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