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2003 Coues Whitetail Buck Image
Location: Nogales, AZAlbum: Antelope, Coues & Blacktail DeerAnimal Harvested or Shoot Type: Coues Deer

2003 Coues Whitetail Buck

January 25, 2003 by Miguel F. Morales

I had started the day out late, but after glassing an hour I saw this buck chasing a doe on top of a ridge. The buck was moving about from 9:00 am until bout 1:30 pm when I started my stalk. I had picked out some boulders as point to shoot. As I got closer I had to manuever around a herd of javelina and a forked horn whitetail. When I finally had gotten to the boulders I looked and glassed 40 to 50 yds ahead of me to see if the buck is still around. The buck finally moves his head as he is behind a tree. I ranged him and came to full draw and as he cleared the tree I let the arrow go. I have complete confidence in my Mathews Q2!!!!

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